Beyond Good & Evil Ps2 Iso English Pal/Usa Selector Android Pc

Download Beyond Good & Evil Ps2 Iso Multilanguage Pal/Usa Selector 1 link free for usb console, PC, Android, apk, Apple, PCSX2 emulator, Mac os Xm, pkg. Jade is a girl who works as an investigative reporter, as well as being a martial artist and resident of Hillys. He lives in a lighthouse with his Uncle Pey'j (or Zerdy, an anthropomorphic pig) and a group of children whose parents have disappeared due to the attacks that the DomZ alien race regularly carry out on their planet, either abducting the inhabitants to draining their life energy or implanting spores to turn them into their slaves. The game takes place in the year 2435, on a planet that mixes modernity with technology and elements of science fiction and fantasy. One day, the area where they live is attacked by the Domz, and Jade runs to safety. But when she tries to activate her shields, she discovers to her horror that she has run out of her money and Optimum Company has cut off her power supply. Just then, the Domz attack the lighthouse, and Jade must fight them to save the children. When she believes she has defeated them, she is dragged into an underground cave, in which she, with the help of Pey'j, confronts a terrible monster. The Alpha sections, protectors of the planet, come to the rescue later than expected, her intervention being somewhat useless.

  • Title: Beyond Good & Evil
  • Language: English, Español, Fr, De, It……
  • Size: 1.53 Gb
  • Region: Ntsc/Pal – Selector
  • Format: Iso
  • Download and unzip the files.
  • You will get the game in “.iso” format this is the game, now you need to mount it.
  • In case of using emulators like “PCSX2(for PC)” or “AetherSX2(for Android cell phone)”, run the “isos” from the emulator you are using.
  • If you want to play it on your physical console you need to burn it on a DVD or have the FreeMcBoot program installed on your Memorycard.
  • In case you have FreeMcBoot on your console, just copy the isos to your Ps2 hard drive.
  • If you want to burn it to a DVD, use imgburn at x4 speed and check the region of your console.

Base Game: Ntsc(English, Español, Fr, De, It……)


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